Paul Colley

CEO and Founder


Paul spent most of his working life in the Charity sector. He was involved in a car crash in 2002 which left him wheelchair bound and he decided to leave the charity at that time. During His Time in the Charity Paul was CEO of a small charity His duties were to organise all fundraising Recruitment and motivation of staff. Report to the board on a fortnightly basis and to look after the day to day running of the charity Paul been a wheelchair user has encountered many problems with accessibility whilst on holidays both in Ireland and abroad. Hence why he set up

Peter D. Walls

Management Accountant


Corporate Sector
Starting in the early Seventies, I cut my teeth in the corporate sector as a Management Accountant, working on Product Costing, Reporting Systems and Financial Control. I became a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in 1985.

SME Sector
In the early Nineties I moved to the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) sector planning to use my experience to resolve financial reporting and accounting issues for ‘struggling’ small firms. I’d like to tell you differently but the truth is it took a good deal more time than originally expected to reach my goals.

QuickBooks and Technology
Ultimately, improved accounting software (namely QuickBooks) and advancing Internet technology have enabled the efficiency of Corporate Reporting Systems to work extremely well in smaller organisations.

I now help SME’s to identify their Financial Goals early and to continually streamline their accounting systems to enable on-going tweaking and improvements in their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). I’ve yet to meet the Manager, Owner or Director that hasn’t reaped the benefits of Forward Looking Management Accounts. I’m passionate about making a ‘real financial difference’ in SME’s.

QuickBooks is flexible and easy to use. It’s very well priced and perfectly suited to Forward Looking Management Accounts (as opposed to Historic Compliance Accounts). Internet technology enables remote access, increasing the frequency of communications with clients which leads to faster response times and, by extension, more competitive and effective results.

Harry Laird

Management Consulting


Identifying and implementing change together


Management Consulting


  • Have designed and implemented highly successful business rescue and growth plans.
    • Work with business owners and managers to review, challenge and redesign corporate, sales, marketing and people strategies.
    • Successfully negotiated with trade unions, banks and other service providers to achieve client’s targets.
    • Motivated management and staff by creating a positive results oriented ethos with high expectations and shared responsibility.
    • Keep myself and all around me focussed on our shared and individual goals.





1996 – Present (19 years) Dublin, Ireland

Conexus Business Services
Supporting business owners and managers achieve their business ambitions.
Do you know where your business is going?
Are you ready for the next step?
Are you ready to manage a bigger business?
Conexus Facilitation Services
Dramatically improve productivity through correctly focused people
Get all your team working towards the same goals.
Solve interpersonal or interdepartmental rivalries with focus on the issues not the people.


2002 – Present (13 years) Dublin, Ireland

To me facilitation is a means of achieving

effective results through people in a supportive

and non-confrontational way.

Results Driven Facilitator

Director – General Manager

Punch & Co. / Centacom Company Ltd.

1992 – 1996 (4 years) Drogheda

I had complete responsibility for all operations and administrative functions including sales, marketing, HR, buying and administration excluding treasury management.
I successfully implemented a cost reduction plan, with trade union support, to return the business to profitability.

1973 – 1990 (17 years)

Group Buyer


1973 – 1990 (17 years)

Negotiated supply terms
Maintained relationships with 200+ suppliers.
Managed all Cash & Carry promotion activity.
Worked as part of a team to strengthen the buying team’s results.
Managed the price control system.